High Performance Inks Offer pH Stability

Zeres Precision Inks

Zeres inks are engineered for consistency which translates to more productivity in your pressroom.

Zeres Inc. has taken great pride in the amount of press-side experience incorporated into the formulation of their ink systems. One of the greatest obstacles to our printing partners is proper maintenance of ink’s optimal pH and viscosity levels on long press runs of paper substrates. Zeres’ SpectraGrafx® – pH Stable inks have been formulated for consistency. Our partners experience greater consistency in performance on press through greater consistency in pH, viscosity and print characteristics. All of this translates into increased pressroom productivity for our printing partners.

Ed Adams, VP/Technical Director, noted that “most of the SpectraGrafx® inks, GCMI and custom colors, are available with our pH stable formulations.” “The need for monitoring pH and viscosity is reduced, but still remains important throughout a press-run.” “Testing of SpectraGrafx® – pH Stable inks has proven successful on paper, film and foil applications.”


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