Technical & Consulting Services

Technical & Consulting Services

Zeres has over 30 years experience producing high quality, water-based flexographic inks and coatings for traditional and non-traditional substrates.  It was Walt Disney who once said, “It’s kind of fun attempting the impossible” and that same sentiment is shared here.  Our lab welcomes the opportunity to work on your “impossible” projects.  Not only does Zeres have the chemistry / formulating expertise, but our technical service team possesses more than 15 years experience operating printing presses.  This operational know-how give us a unique insight. Every print order and printing press is different as are the limitations of ink in correcting printing issues. If you’ve confronted a problem that you feel is insurmountable, have the pros at Zeres take a look!

Press-Side & Classroom Training

Classroom Training Whether it’s a refresher for tenured press crews or instructional assistance for new crew-members, we offer three classroom training seminars. These conferences are not your typical, boring lectures………..all three (3) power-point sessions are conducted in an informal, open forum atmosphere so that all attendees can feel free to participate.

Introduction to Water-Based (Flexographic) Printing (1/2 to 1 Hour) This training session covers pH, viscosity, ink handling, and the causes and cures of printing defects.

Press Room Fundamentals (45 minutes to 1 Hour) This training forum covers everything contained in the Introduction to Water-Based (Flexographic) Printing session as well as a tutorial on machine setup. Additionally, a segment is devoted to how photopolymer printing plates are made including “best use” practices relative to printing inks.

Color Correction (2 Hours) This seminar concentrates on how to use color measurement software (spectrophotometry).  A segment explaining how to read L*A*B and L*C*H* as well as color adjustment is also covered.

Press Floor Training Are you in need of more support on the press room floor? Do you need assistance training new-hires?  Since every operator, order, and press is different, Press Floor Training, one-on-one with the press crew may be something to consider. Zeres will stand side-by-side with your press people, address questions and provide training in the use of our products.

Give us a call and reserve a spot!

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