Water Inks and Ink System Products


Zeres Environment Friendly Inks

Zeres provides a limitless variety of vibrant, environmentally friendly inks


  • Zeres’ standard line of GCMI inks designed to print natural kraft substrates.
  • Formulated for aniloxes ranging from 165-280.
  • Intended mainly for corrugated shipping containers, multi-wall bags & sacks.
  • Quick drying inks that provide exceptional color at low viscosity.


  • Zeres’ premium ink system formulated for aniloxes in a range between 280 & 1100 line screen and low cell volume.
  • Designed specifically for use on both coated and uncoated paper substrates as well as film and foil.
  • These inks dry quickly, produce extraordinary color intensity, print clean and trap exceptionally well.


  • Zeres’ environmentally friendly alternative to conventional acrylic printing inks.
  • Formulated with rapidly renewable and sustainable resources.
  • Designed for paper substrates in a full spectrum of colors.
  • Available for a wide range of anilox configurations.
  • Extraordinary resolubility and easy to clean up.

Aqueous Coatings

  • Developed primarily for wide-web applications and high impact, post-print corrugated.
  • Zeres offers several water overprints for both coated and uncoated paper substrates.
  • Special attention has been given to paper plate applications.

UV Coatings

  • Zeres offers a complete line of UV overprints for both wide web and in-line corrugated post-print applications.

974 Multi-Purpose Cleaner

This product is a general-purpose cleaner used for press wash-up, cleaning plates and aniloxes.



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