Enviroflex™, good and “Green” for our environment

Zeres Environment Friendly Inks

Zeres provides a variety of vibrant, environment friendly inks

Enviroflex™ chemistry is one of the latest contributions to our environment by Zeres.

Inks displaying the Enviroflex™ trademark are formulated with rapidly renewable and sustainable resources. These materials are non-petrochemical chemistries and therefore reduce our demand on crude oil.

Enviorflex™ formulations are available in a full range of colors suitable for most paper applications. Enviroflex™ inks and coatings offer excellent re-solubility as well as ease of clean-up. No special equipment configuration is needed; just charge your inking system and go.

Good and “Green” for our environment.

The environmentally friendly alternative to conventional acrylic based printing inks. Formulated with rapidly renewable and sustainable resources. Designed for paper substrates in a full range of colors. Available for a wide range of anilox configurations with great re-solubility and easy to clean up.


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